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Menetsattel AG was founded in 2004 by Lisa and Peter Menet.  Alexandra Nicoletti has been a part of the Team since the beginning and is responsible for the order processing, not just in Switzerland but also worldwide, dealing with individual customers and the Amerigo Retailers.   Andrea Breu joined the Team in April 2018. Now working part time, she is responsible for the accounting and our Online Shop, as well as processing customer accessory orders. Miriam Gübeli joined us in January 2022 and is responsible for the appointment planing for Dominic Weber, the processing of the adjustments and repairs and customer orders aswell as Sponsoring requests.

Peter Menet is responsible for Product Development and Technical Support for our Swiss sales team aswell as our Amerigo Distributors and Retailers worldwide.

Lisa Menet is responsible for the Marketing in Switzerland and also the Worldwide Marketing for the Amerigo Brand.

Dominic Weber joined the team in 2015 supporting Peter Menet with customer visits and sales. Today Dominic has a major role in our sales team, and is now the responsible for the majority of customers and regions previously under the care of Peter Menet, who is always available for technical support.

David Deillon joined us at the beginning of 2017 and supports us with customer visits and sales in Western Switzerland.

Eva Nydegger joined the team in February 2021. She is responsible for customer visits and sales in the region Bern. 

The newest member of our Team is Therese Hodel. She joined us in Autumn 2021 and is responsible for the Lucerne Region. During 2022 she will be extending her Region to include Western Switzerland.

We also work with the following retailers:
Switzerland: Martina Honegger
Austria: Sarah Ebner