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  • Saddles

    Peter Menet
    Custom 'made in Switzerland' using traditional methods.
    Wooden Springtrees and independant panel System
    using pure wool.

    Individually 'made in Italy' using wooden springtrees and
    high Quality leathers. a reinforced steel head iron allows
    the saddles to be precisely adjusted. With MPS,
    a Microfunctional Panel System with a unique blend
    of synthetic fibres.

    Amerigo Vega
    Individually 'made in Italy' with a specially created synthetic
    saddle tree which has a tempered steel head iron. A very
    flexible product that can be enjoyed by many horses and riders.
    Also with MPS.

  • Peter Menet

    A competitive rider all his life and a passionate breeder
    of Sporthorses. His work in Switzerland means that he
    sees 10 to 12 horses and their riders each day. Measuring
    them for new saddle, checking the fit of their exisiting
    saddles and advising all levels of riders. His extensive
    knowledge of how saddles can influence the horses'
    performance is highly respected, and his Seminars on the
    subject often form parts of further education for Vets,
    Physiotherapists and Osteopaths worldwide.

  • Vespucci

    A brand designed by Peter Menet and incorporates
    bridles, breastplates and martingales in high quality leather.
    All designed with horse comfort and top performance in mind.

  • Stock

    We have a comprehensive stock of accessories from
    Vespucci and Amerigo that include:

    • Girths
    • Bridles and Breastplates
    • Stirrup Leathers
    • Stirrups
    • Leg boots

    All accessories can also be ordered via our Online Webshop.